Best Newspapers for Civil Services

Written by Editor on June 21, 2018 in category Books | 46688 Views

One of the most often questions asked by aspirants is which newspaper should they read. So based on feedback from IAS toppers, different institutes, and our analysis here we present list of newspapers that every aspirant must read.

  1. The Hindu
  2. The Economic Times
  3. The Times of India
  4. The Hindu Business Line
  5. Indian Express
  6. Hindustan Times
  7. The Telegraph
  8. Deccan Chronicle

Pick the first two from the list. Do not overburden yourself with too many newspapers. Do not read more than two or three newspapers.

What to read and what not to read?

It is quite essential to know what is required to be read from these newspapers. As most of the news is political or local news related to crime, law and order issues, film news, etc. These may not have too much relevance from Civil Services perspectives. So here are some points to consider.

  1. Please look for some news on bills, laws, legislation, some acts of Parliament, etc.
  2. Read news on reports, annual findings, commissions, committees formed and their reports
  3. Read news on social problems, their suggestions particularly in editorial section
  4. Read


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